domingo, 6 de julio de 2008

Sex & the city best moments: Mick Jagger & Samanta

Sex & the city, temporada 6, cap. "Catch 38".
Nun: You know, Ive been here since 9 am, so.. If anyone´s getting in without an appointment, It´s me.
Samantha: Don´t worry about me, I´ll get in.
Nun: Well, I have waited for two days
, and , so far, no one has gotten in yet, so...
Samantha: I was told once that I wouldn´t be able to get backstage to see Mick Jagger. Well I DID get backstage, and I blew him.

4 comentarios:

Aretha dijo...

Ayyy, el otro dia lloré y reí muchísimo cuando fui a ver la pelicula al cine

Anónimo dijo...

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Patri dijo...

ese momento es divertidisimo!!! Un besazo

konst dijo...

JJAJAJAJAJJAJAJA bucha quiero ver la pelicula!!!